Here is an extract from the Alliance's governing document:

The Alliance of European Republican Movements is committed to creating a network of cross-party republican movements in all the countries in Europe that continue to have a monarch as their head of state.

Democratic Principles

AERM is committed to the ideals of democracy and equality in our national constitutions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Member organisations are each primarily working towards the replacement of their respective constitutional monarchies with republics based on the principles of democracy, accountability, transparency and merit.

Working Together

AERM provides a framework for the member organisations to share information, resources and ideas to bring about their common goal. Reflecting their distinctive political and constitutional circumstances, each of the organisations will retain their autonomous national campaigns.

Guiding Principles

  • Friendship: AERM recognises that all countries have ongoing political, social, economic and cultural histories that bind each country to the other. These formal ties are reinforced by personal and family friendships between the countries.
  • Equality: Each member organisation of AERM is an equal member regardless of its size or history.
  • Co-operation: AERM is a commitment to discussion and mutual assistance. It is a shared willingness to talk through any differences and disagreements in order to continue the working relationship and further the aims of the agreement.
  • Democracy: Each member organisation will maintain a commitment to openness and democracy within their internal structures and procedures and in all matters concerning the Agreement.