An AERM Convention is held each year:

Stockholm - 2010

Taking the lead from the Swedish republican movement, campaigners from six other countries across Europe met in June 2010. This was the first time these groups had met each other. The event was organised to coincide with the royal wedding in Stockholm, which gave the meeting greater prominence. The meeting resulted in the formation of the Alliance of European Republican Movements, united by a shared ambition to abolish our constitutional monarchies in favour of becoming democratic republics.

London - 2011

Republic hosted the second convention on the weekend of William and Kate’s wedding in London. The event took place a day after the group’s “Not The Royal Wedding Party” which attracted national and international media interest. During this convention the AERM agreed its governing document and guiding principles.

Copenhagen - 2012

The Danish campaign, established in early 2010, was the host of the third AERM convention. The meeting helped establish a format of discussions, training and panel debates that is still followed.

Brussels - 2013

New campaigners from Denmark and the Netherlands attended the Belgian convention. Earlier that year the Dutch Queen had abdicated and a third republican group had been launched.

Oslo - 2014

The Norwegian campaign hosted the convention in 2014, organising various talks, training sessions and discussion on strategy. The meeting saw discussions about how member campaigns can learn from each other, presentations on how the groups differ and how they are organised and we began to develop some shared ideas about how to argue for a republic.

Amsterdam - 2015

The Dutch campaign began to coalesce into a single movement at this time and hosted the convention with a renewed sense of purpose and ambition. It was also an opportunity to learn from the UK and Swedish groups and recent fundraising and campaign successes, as well as hear about protests in Amsterdam on King’s Day.

Madrid - 2016

The Madrid convention coincided with a massive anti-monarchy protest through the streets of the capital. The event also saw more paid staff attend than ever before, with new professional campaigners coming from the UK, the Netherlands and Sweden. A panel debate was held in the historic Ateneo de Madrid Auditorium.

Västerås - 2017

Sweden chose to host the 2017 convention in Vasteras, where the campaigns sought to build on recent events and campaigns, and learn more about how Swedish republicans engage with regional and younger audiences.

London - 2018

Republic was again host in 2018, and again the meeting coincided with a royal wedding. This time it was on the weekend of the Harry/Meghan wedding and on the Saturday of that weekend the AERM also hosted a public International Conference that was covered by national and international media.

Copenhagen - 2019

The Danish campaign again hosted the AERM conference in 2019, where groups took stock and assessed the state of republicanism in Europe. By this time the Belgian campaign had come to an end, but other groups, particularly the Dutch campaign, were making lots of progress.

Cancelled due to Covid19 - 2020

Unfortunately no conference this year.

Utrecht/Amsterdam - 2021

The Dutch campaign hosted the AERM in 2021. Watch the conference video on YouTube.

Oslo - 2022

The AERM 2022 convention took place in Oslo.