Alliance of European Republican Movements

Monarchy is wrong in principle, wrong in practice and bad for democracy. We strive for a democratically elected head of state.

Who we are

The Alliance of European Republican Movements is formed of national republican (anti-monarchy) movements from each of the largest European monarchies. Member organisations meet a number of times during the year to discuss campaign strategies and to share ideas and experiences.

Each year the AERM holds a convention hosted by one of the member organisations. These are opportunities to work on more detailed analyses of our common issues and campaign strategies.

Member organisations

Republik NU (DK)

Republic (UK)

Republikanska Föreningen (SE)

Republiek (NL)

Norge som republikk (NO)

Red Republicana (ES)

Join us

Currently some countries (eg. Belgium, Spain) are not represented in the AERM. National organisations adhering to our guiding principles are welcome to join.