The Alliance of European Republican Movements meets in a different country each year.  2020 is set to be the turn of Belgium and the AERM would like to use the opportunity to re-energised Belgian republicans.

The republican campaign in Belgium came to an end about three years ago, and we'd like the 2020 AERM convention to provide a forum for Belgians to re-organise.

If you would like to know more, to get involved or come to the event next year please email us at

Member organisations of AERM won't be campaigning in Belgium, that's up to Belgians.  But we are offering you an opportunity to meet other Belgian republicans and to meet anti-monarchy campaigns from across Europe.

We hope that by the end of the 2020 AERM convention we will see a group of Belgians launch a new campaign to abolish the Belgian monarchy.

We know Belgium has unique challenges in addressing these kinds of national constitutional issues.  However, we believe that every country in Europe can one day be a republic, and that no matter each country's circumstances or politics there's a strategy that will achieve that outcome.

So, get in touch and become part of the European family of pro-democracy, anti-monarchy campaigns!  We haven't decided a date for the Belgium convention yet, but get in touch soon and maybe you can help us get things organised.

Email us at